Pickstock Criterium Takes Over Central American Boulevard


Goodnight and welcome to another edition of Sports Monday, I am Paul Lopez. Benny’s Belize Hurricanes dominated inside the Belize City Civic Center on Friday night against the Belmopan Trojans. Hurricanes won their game against the Trojans by thirty-three points. The Hurricane’s entire starting five were good for double digits. The same was true for two of their bench players. Sidibe “The African” Bourama, played eighteen minutes and finished the game with sixteen points and nine rebound. Bourama displayed dominance under the rim, especially in the third quarter.  2023 league MVP Victor Evans finished with thirteen points and ten rebounds, contributing the most rebounds for his team that night.


Paul Lopez, Reporting

Amar Ross “The Three Point Boss” played twenty-two minutes of this and finished with sixteen points. He exited the game and went back to the locker room with an injury to his angle. But, soon enough he returned and continued to play. Ross was sixty percent from the three-point line on Friday night. Off the bench, Marquise Cunningham was good for fourteen points and six rebounds. For the Belmopan Trojans, Jevaughn Mckenzie was good for fifteen points and Dartavious Young finished with fourteen points, lead their team in scoring, though they lost the game. After the match we heard from the Hurricanes’ lead scorers.


Sidibe Bourama

                              Sidibe Bourama

Sidibe Bourama, Benny’s Belize Hurricanes

“My teammates are looking for me, Ross and Vick and Cope they are always looking fo the big men. When you run the floor you get awarded with the ball and then after that I just came and play hard you know. I just wanted to come out harder and set a standard because in the first half I got into two quick fouls and I was mad about it but I said I was just going to come out and play hard and if I foul out I foul out and I just go after it.”



Amar Ross

                               Amar Ross

Amar Ross, Benny’s Belize Hurricanes

“I mean it is God honestly. God has been here for me from the beginning. He is here for me now. He keep me going through it. Even my angle getting rolled, it’s just him that I still have the strength to play through that. Like, so I am just thankful and grateful and blessed.”





Paul Lopez

“Are you concerned any at all about the games coming up, you have a huge game against the Belize City Defenders?”



Amar Ross

“Well I will just say it like this, you all going to see me play. There is no way I am sitting out, so that is it. You all are going to see me play, I will figure it out.”




From basketball we take you to some football action in the Williams Dawson Peace Cup. This weekend we were in Sand Hill Village for the match between Kelly Street and Port FC. This one ended two goals to zero in favor of Kelly Street. Here is how those two goals played out. In the eight minute of the game, Port FC’s goal keeper kicked the ball to his teammate on the right. That player kicked the ball towards his teammate near the goal.




Number eight for Kelly Street applied pressure on the goal keeper, leading to a turnover and placing Kelly Street’s number ten in position to score the team’s first goal of the match, a costly error there by Port FC. The second goal of the match came at the seventy-first minute. Good defensive presence and offensive strategy placed number ten on top of the penalty box to receive the pass. He missed kicked but his teammate was in front of the goal to save the play and make the goal. As we said, Kelly Street won the match.




And finally for tonight, we bring you some highlights from the Pickstock Criterium on Sunday in Belize City. This race followed the Belmopan Cycling Classic that was held earlier in the day and won by Wasani Castro. In the Pickstock Critirium, elite riders raced along the Central American Boulevard from the Pallotti Roundabout to the Hand Roundabout and back for twenty-five laps. Four laps into the race and a small gap has been opened by a group of seven riders as they made their way pass around the Pallotti roundabout.  Eleven laps in and the lead has been cut down from seven to four riders.




Among them are Byron Pope, Gregg Lovell and Derrick Chavarria. with eight laps remaining, a group of seven rider, lead by Devonte Bennett is working to bridge that longstanding gap. With six laps remaining Wasani Castro and Giovanni Lovell breaks away from the chase pack and presses in an attempt to bridge that gap. Three laps remaining and Wasani Castro has taken the lead in this one, as his effort pays off.  At the finish line, its Giovanni Lovell in first place, followed closely by Wasani Castro in second.


Well Folks that is all we have for you in tonight’s coverage of Sports Monday. Catch you in the next one.

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