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We’re on WhatsApp

News 5 LIVE is now available in the palm of your hand. Get the latest news delivered straight to your phone by joining our WhatsApp community.


With more than 100 000 unique visitors each month on this website, over 300 000 Facebook followers, and thousands more on Instagram, News 5 has you covered no matter what digital platform you prefer. Now you can subscribe to WhatsApp news alerts for free.


Our WhatsApp community will provide readers with a daily news brief and breaking news alerts. You can also send us your videos, views, and tips directly.

It takes only two simple steps to begin receiving your local news update via WhatsApp:

1. Add News 5’s number, +501 672 5555, as a contact to your phone. Unless we are in your contacts, you will not be able to receive our WhatsApp updates.

2. Send us a WhatsApp with your name, surname, and the word NEWS.


Our promise to you:

∙ You will not be pestered with loads of WhatsApp messages, ads, or spam;
∙ You won’t be added to group chats;
∙ Your information will remain private and not be given to third parties

Tuesday, April 16, 2024