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Woman Shoots Robber

Chester Williams

Woman Shoots Robber

A man is hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital after being shot by a woman. Forty-nine-year-old Ronald Gibson is also under police guard and that’s because he attempted to rib the woman who shot him. It happened on Friday night along Independence Park. Police Commissioner Chester Williams said Gibson will be charged after he is released from the hospital.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“On Friday night, a lady was working on the sidewalk in Belmopan upon she and her daughter were accosted by a male person who demanded that they hand over their properties. The lady took out her license firearm and ordered the person to stop and he made a move towards her and she fired one single shot at him with her license firearm causing injuries to his stomach region. He was taken to the hospital or the Western Regional Hospital where he received treatment and is currently admitted in a stable condition and a police guard. It is our hope that once he is released from the hospital that he’ll be charged for the crime of attempted robbery.”




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