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Will PG Get a House of Culture?

Francis Fonseca

Will PG Get a House of Culture?

Earlier today, when we caught up with Minister of Culture Francis Fonseca we asked him about the possibility of a House of Culture being built by NICH to benefit the cultural development of Punta Gorda.  Here’s what he said.


Francis Fonseca, Minister of Culture

“That’s definitely something we’ve discussed and that’s on the agenda.  We’ve been talking to the Belize Tourism Board about partnering with them.  As you know, I think they have a welcome center there in PG and we want to see how, perhaps, we can partner with them to develop and expand that welcome center into a House of Culture.  So it’s something under discussion, but I think you’re absolutely right, you know.  PG is a unique culture and I think we need to put a House of Culture there.  So it’s certainly something we would like to do.  When we can do it is another matter, we’ll see.  But we’ve been discussing it with BTB.”

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