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Wildfires Devastate Toledo District

Wildfires Devastate Toledo District

Wildfires Devastate Toledo District

The villages of San Pedro Colombia, Jordan, Criquejute, and Ya’axche have all been impacted by wildfires. In response, the entire district of Toledo temporarily closed schools due to poor air quality and multiple fires affecting various villages. 

A recent situation report from the Belize Red Cross Society gathered information from the Statistical Institute of Belize and Google, with information gathered from various news sources, to estimate the affected population. 

According to the report, approximately 200 families, totaling around 800 individuals, have been affected by these fires across 19 communities and 600 acres in the Toledo district.

The Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve is experiencing severe forest fires that are affecting both the Toledo District and the air quality in the Cayo District. These forest fires have been burning in the Mountain Pine Ridge area for about three weeks. The local government has mobilised volunteers and defence forces to assist. At the request of NEMO, the Belize Red Cross has been distributing cooked lunches to community volunteers and the Belize Defence Force, with 160 plates distributed to date. Farmers and residents in remote areas have been particularly affected, with crops such as corn, avocado, cocoa, pasture, forests, and water sources being destroyed, leading to long-term devastating effects. Multiple agencies are collaborating to provide meals and other relief items, focusing on containing the fires and supporting the affected families.

Wildfires Devastate Toledo District

Forest fires in Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve

NEMO Emergency Committees are on-site in the affected areas, providing support through the DANA Committee, conducting search and rescue operations (including fire suppression) with the Fire Department and the Belize Defence Force. They continue to monitor the situation to determine if further evacuations are necessary. So far, one family has been rescued and relocated to a shelter in Toledo. They are working closely with partner agencies to coordinate the response and have requested that the Belize Red Cross provide protective gear for volunteers fighting the fire, first aid services, and meals.

Preliminary assessments indicate that assistance will be needed for the affected population, particularly in the agriculture sector. The humanitarian aid required includes food, water, and hygiene products. Additionally, livelihood support over the next 3–6 months will be essential, which will encompass various forms of agricultural assistance. The agricultural ministries are particularly concerned about the losses in agriculture and are planning future steps to aid the recovery of the farmers. 

Report can be found here. 

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