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Where is the P.U.P. Belize City Manifesto?  

Nelma Mortis

Where is the P.U.P. Belize City Manifesto?  

With the U.D.P. municipal slate’s manifesto now available to the public, there are questions as to whether or not incumbent Mayor Bernard Wagner and his team will be launching its own manifesto. With only seven days left before the elections, there seems to be none readily available. And, Mortis says, the P.U.P. is taking its voters for granted.


Nelma Mortis, U.D.P. Mayoral Candidate, Belize City

“We are a new team and personally I understand the demographics of the city. I believe that I will not take my people for granted. I am here to serve and in serving we give respect to our people. I think that is one of the problems of the People’s United Party, they take their voters for granted. So we made this and presented it to our people so that they can hold us accountable. there is another section to this that I spoke to the team that we will have to add which is something like a report card that we will check out once we have completed, so we can report back to the public. We said we are going to do this, this is what was done. This is what was needed; this is what we have completed. I believe you have to have a plan, if you don’t, you plan to fail. I have ten people who will hold me accountable. And I tell them call me out when they see something has fallen.”

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