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Where is Belize on Anti-corruption Commission?

Dean Flowers

Where is Belize on Anti-corruption Commission?

The Joint Unions Negotiating Team met with government officials on Wednesday, following a hiatus from discussions with the Briceno Administration related to a number of issues including anti-corruption.  PSU President Dean Flowers discussed the issue with reporters following the meeting at the House of Culture.


Paul Lopez

“In terms of the request for the establishment of an anti-corruption commission by the UN, I think the document says that you all believe this is the only approach that is feasible at this point or that can be taken to really address the issue of corruption in Belize.”


Dean Flowers , President, P.S.U.

“When we touched on that, the question to the minister responsible for political and public sector reform, was whether or not there was a difficulty in exploring that option which, as you rightly said, we believe is the only option left available to us.  It would be very naïve of us as a people to think that we have the necessary infrastructure and the necessary expertise and the political will in country to adequately tackle corruption and to address and effect the many pieces of legislation that has been passed, including the most recently adopted Civil Asset Recovery and Unexplained Wealth Order Bill.  As I stated, that is a beautiful piece of legislation to assist in curbing corruption.  The question now that must be taken to the FIU Director is what steps have been taken to: one, recruit competent individuals and two, whether or not they have the requisite resources in including office space.”

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