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When Will Belize Experience Relief from Heat Wave?  

Ronald Gordon

When Will Belize Experience Relief from Heat Wave?  

With the unbearable temperatures that Belizeans have been experiencing, the question on everybody’s mind is, when will we receive some relief? The good news is that temperatures are expected to be a bit cooler on Sunday. And according to the Chief Meteorological Officer, rains are forecasted for the early parts of June.


Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorological Office, NMS    

“Let me first go to the short term forecast and I can say that tomorrow is not going to be any big relief, so it is not going to be any significantly cooler than today. So, it is still going to be hot tomorrow. But indications are that on Sunday, on Sunday because our winds are going to shift more to the east rather than the southeast, we are going to be a bit cooler than today, Friday and even tomorrow. So Sunday we should see some sort of relief from the excessive heat. It will still be hot because we are in the tropics, and it is May, and we are in Belize. But it is not going to be as severe heat as we saw today and tomorrow. So, the peak of this heat wave we are on it right now. Today is the peak. In terms of the long-term projections, caution your viewers that long term forecast carries a lot of uncertainty. We know that climatology speaking, late May, early June we do get the initial rains and I was looking at the model forecast going to two weeks which again I repeat have a lot of uncertainty. But there appears to be a slight shift. We see a lot of moisture coming in. There seems to be a little transition around the early parts of June into a wetter pattern. Of course, we need to monitor it and see if that comes through but climatology tells us that is what should occur at that time.”

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