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What Happens If Shots Are Fired at B.D.F. On Sarstoon F.O.B.?

Brigadier General Azariel Loria

What Happens If Shots Are Fired at B.D.F. On Sarstoon F.O.B.?

And while there is a B.D.F. channel of communication in place to report incidents on Sarstoon Island, what happens when the Guatemalan Armed Forces enter Belizean waters and shots are fired? According to Brigadier General Azariel Loria, the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base functions primarily as an observation base. But where the need arises, B.D.F. soldiers are authorized to take action to arrest any situation and make detentions. He further explained that the Belize Defense Force is always prepared to deploy additional troops to the area for additional security.


Brigadier General Azariel Loria, Commander, Belize Defense Force

“The intent here, the forward operating base functions as an observation base. The intend here is to observe and try to mitigate the threats as they may come. If you notice on the other side, there is a small amount of Guatemala military as well. That tells you something, they are not here to fight, and we are not here to fight as well. WE are here to maintain sovereignty. Should incase things get out of hand we have our SOP on how to withdraw because with a section in our doctrine we could never fight, but we could see, gather information and withdraw to a safer point and then take it on. That is the intent of this observation post if not we would have built another price barracks post and have a thousand men here. That is not the intent. It is a forward, a remote area. It is a great area of strategic importance. The other one is forty-five kilometers to the west of here that we also man and ensure that we are there. Those that have studied land power, knows the value of it, and hence the reason we are here.”


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