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“We wah we money today!” 

Stevedores in front of PBL

“We wah we money today!” 

Several stevedores who are represented by the Christian Workers’ Union have gathered in front of Port of Belize Limited in Belize City. Assistant Commissioners of Police Hilberto Romero and Alford Grinage spoke to the men in the hopes of decreasing tensions. Police officers had to break the lock of a bicycle chain at PBL’s main entrance. 

Stevedores at PBL

Frustrated stevedores gather in front of Port of Belize Limited

As we have been reporting, last week stevedores expressed dissatisfaction with P.B.L. Although the stevedores have only issued threats of strike action and have continued reporting to work, they have unmistakably conveyed their discontent to their employer. While waterfront workers are present, their productivity has been affected, impacting business operations.

On Tuesday, CWU President Leonora Flowers told the press, ““There is a group of our members—our stevedores—who are very upset and unhappy with what’s happening at the moment. It’s been over a week that we sat with the – we sat in a meeting with the interim board’s chair, and we said what was our final stance: Please do not touch our C.B.A. Please get to the sugar money or get to the C.B.A. We are prepared to dialogue on that right now. We’re not prepared to piecemeal any of our rights. We’re not prepared to give those away, not even for the sugar money.”” 

PBL CEO Arturo Vasquez told News Five that the actions of the stevedores have impacted business. Cargo ships have been making calls to Belize since last week and have been unable to unload at the Port of Belize as a result of the actions of the stevedores. .

We’ll keep following this story. 

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