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UNICEF Aid Container Looted by Gangs in Haiti

UNICEF Aid Container Looted by Gangs in Haiti

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported on Saturday that one of its aid containers, containing crucial supplies for maternal, neonatal, and child survival, was looted at Haiti’s main port, amidst increasing control of the capital by gangs.

UNICEF Aid Container Looted by Gangs in Haiti

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Approximately 260 humanitarian-owned containers are under the control of armed groups. Bruno Maes, UNICEF’s representative in Haiti, condemned the looting. He emphasised its detrimental impact on children in urgent need of assistance. The looted container contained essential items such as resuscitators and related equipment. Maes called for an immediate end to looting and emphasised the necessity of ensuring safe humanitarian access amid the escalating crisis. Armed groups breached the main port a week earlier, disrupting the flow of essential food and supplies to the capital.

Haiti is experiencing a critical shortage of basic healthcare and nutrition access for women in the Port-au-Prince area. Nationwide shortages of electricity, fuel, and medical supplies have crippled hospitals, with six out of ten facilities unable to operate effectively.

UNICEF Aid Container Looted by Gangs in Haiti

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Haiti continues to grapple with a protracted political and humanitarian crisis, resulting in severe hunger and life-threatening malnutrition in parts of Port-au-Prince.

In response to the crisis, unelected Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced plans to step down once a transitional council is established. However, the capital remains heavily influenced by armed gangs, leading to widespread violence, including killings, kidnappings, and sexual assaults.

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