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U.D.P. Mesopotamia Chairman Refutes Yellowman’s Claims

Rodney “Files” Lord

U.D.P. Mesopotamia Chairman Refutes Yellowman’s Claims

Rodney “Files” Lord, Audinett’s brother, invited the media to speak with him at the U.D.P.’s Mesopotamia constituency office late this evening. Lord is the U.D.P. Chairman of the constituency. He says he was the one who called the meeting that Audinett claims led to his termination. And, according to Lord, Audinett barely even spoke in the meeting. So, he is refuting his brother’s claim against Opposition Leader, Moses “Shyne” Barrow.


Rodney “Files” Lord, U.D.P. Chairman, Mesopotamia Constituency

“There is a member in this party, you know weh you call deh caucus? I don’t know nothing about that. I know about UDP. Deh could seh all kinda thing. The party leader been the tek lick from all over the corner and it is never true. So if I am to either compel if Yellow is telling the truth or a lie, if it is left up to me, it is a lie. The UDP gawn through how many leaders so far, two since 2020, Mr. Faber and Mr. Barrow. We make a change from Mr. Faber due to all kind of allegations. The party make their fight, and that had to do with the Caucus of Change to nuh? Yellow man saying that the party leader needs to go as leader of the party? Who will be the next leader of this party? Everybody try, Ms. Tracey tried and failed. I don’t know what my good brother, my beloved brother gets his story from or what he is trying to do. I am the one who caused that meeting to happen because there were things that needed to straighten out and it had nothing to do with the party leader, if anybody do something wrong, if anybody take any money from him or do anything that has to do with the election. We had that meeting based on a postmortem, what went wrong. We nuh loose eena Mesopotamia. I could have been better, but that meeting had nothing like that. That was a positive meeting.”


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