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U.D.P. Chides Briceño Administration Ahead of Municipals

Shyne Barrow

U.D.P. Chides Briceño Administration Ahead of Municipals

This afternoon, the United Democratic Party held a press conference at its headquarters here in Belize City.  During the session with the media, Party Leader Shyne Barrow began by criticizing the Briceño administration for promises it has failed to deliver since taking office in 2020.


Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“We approach the time of the most sacred exercise in our democracy which is tomorrow, March sixth, the dawn of change for the better, because yoh got two kinda change, the PUP change and then the UDP change, for the better is upon us.  You know, for the last three, and six in some instances, even twelve consecutive years if you look at Orange Walk Town, who have had four consecutive terms of doing nothing.  First they complained about not having a central government that was PUP and now that they have a central government that is PUP, with none other than the prime minister and four other representatives, I believe, being from Orange Walk, they have done nothing for the people of Orange Walk Town.  We have just been subjected to broken promises, mismanagement, misappropriation of funds and rampant corruption by the PUP local government.  The promise of synergy has never arrived.  The optimal benefits that were declared to be looming once you had a PUP central government and a PUP local has turned out to be a marriage of complete disaster.  We have suffered, the Belizean people have suffered from this dysfunctional, extremely dysfunctional relationship.”

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