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Trial Against Bladen 12 Adjourned, Again

Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Trial Against Bladen 12 Adjourned, Again

The men accused of facilitating the landing of a drug plane in the south in 2021 appeared in court today. They are known as the Bladden Twelve, and today the trial judge adjourned the proceedings. That’s because the attorney for some of the accused, Oscar Selgado, is incarcerated and unable to represent them. Attorney Richard Bradley explained.


Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney for Defendants

“We are a bit taken aback, but it is unavoidable, at least for this morning, if not for the rest of the day. Four of the accused in the Bladden drug plane, drug trafficking, landing of a plane without permission case,  those four persons had  the illustrious Oscar Selgado as their attorney.  He is unable to make it this morning because he doesn’t control his time.  So, the four persons have asked  and  one of our colleagues attorney is going to represent them. And of course that only came up this morning when they all came to court.  So, the Magistrate quite rightly said that they are entitled to be properly represented and so she agreed to the request for adjournment in relation to that matter. Hoping that we would then come bright and early on Holy Thursday to try and get a full morning  but like bad luck  Mr. Jones has also received a last minute notice that he has been appointed by the high court  to represent a person in a murder trial so he’s going to try and see how he could get that sorted out this afternoon. And in relation to Thursday that is not going to work. So we are going, God willing, on the third day of April to get a full day and thereafter if things  remain on track,  I repeat on track,  then the 8th  of April we will continue  and between myself and the others we’ll try and see how far we could get before a day advanced by the 9th day of April.”



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