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Tren Maya Expected to Boost Travel between Belize and Mexico  

Oscar Arnold

Tren Maya Expected to Boost Travel between Belize and Mexico  

While the Mexican Government seeks to put a lid on the escalating violence in Quintana Roo, it is also moving ahead with the installation of train tracks to facilitate a much faster means of travel between Belize and that part of Mexico. Belize’s Ambassador to Mexico, Oscar Arnold told News Five that the Tren Maya has been a popular topic of discussion, with some parts of the project already coming to fruition.


Oscar Arnold, Belize’s Ambassador to Mexico

“The Tren Maya has been a hot-button topic. It’s one of those infrastructural development that will see about 1500 kilometers of train tracks that will link the entire southern Mexico. There will be a train station at the airport, which is only a few kilometers from the border. And so there are ongoing discussions to see whether or not a train station can be placed or can be built at the border that would enhance tourism. It would enhance travel. It would cut down the cost and the time of travel to areas like Cancun, Playa, Merida, and other areas in the southern part of Mexico. It would also help with cargo. So those discussions are ongoing. There’s been clearings in the area of where the Expo Fair used to be held. The road will run across there for the route of the train. There’s also a lot of work being done right across the airport from Chetumal where the station will be. I think the building has been erected and the supporting services, the buildings for the supporting services, and the wrap-around services are now being worked on.  That section of the railway is supposed to be open in late June, maybe early July. That is when it’s slated to be open, and so the work there continues for that. But there are other sections that are already in operation. The route to Merida, the route to Campeche, those have been inaugurated already.”

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