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The Importance of Evidence Gathering and Prosecution

Chester Williams

The Importance of Evidence Gathering and Prosecution

Earlier this week in the High Court, two men were acquitted of a charge of murder due to a lack of evidence.  Their release has raised questions regarding evidence gathering and the use of supporting proof to successfully prosecute suspects.  Commissioner of Police Chester Williams weighed in from a law enforcement perspective.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“When the police do arrest and charge someone, we may have sufficient to arrest and where there is some evidence and we believe that we can put that matter before the court then we do so.  We’re not going to be the ones to say that the evidence is insufficient.  The court may look at a situation differently and may or may not convict.  At the end of the day, we feel good that we did what we could have with the evidence we have and respect the outcome of the courts.  I can say that unlike before, you’re not hearing much instances where accused murderers are walking.  We have had a number of convictions for murders over the past few months or even years and we are hoping that that trend is going to continue.”

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