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The Importance of Climate Reporting

Dizzanne Billy

The Importance of Climate Reporting

According to Billy, the Caribbean region needs more reporters who focus on climate change. She says that the fellowships also aim to do just that.


Dizzanne Billy, Regional Coordinator, Climate Tracker

“It’s a fellowship that started two years ago, and it was the brainchild of Climate Tracker and Open Society Foundations, our amazing partner, and what it does is we are a community is create an opportunity for young reporters in the Caribbean to tell climate justice stories. So climate justice, when you think of climate justice, you’re thinking of representing marginalized groups, groups that often go reported groups that don’t often get their voices told or their stories told. And so what we’ve done is create this opportunity where journalists in the Caribbean can go through a. Couple months of learning about different aspects of climate justice, whether it refers to what climate justice is on a whole, then also how the legal framework of climate justice for the region, how it reflects in gender justice, how it reflects in climate financing, how it reflects in energy justice, and all these different ways that climate justice is so pervasive across society. So that they can understand the pervasiveness of climate justice, how it impacts different areas of the region, and therefore be able to go in and tell the stories that need to be told. That’s what the fellowship is all about.”


The deadline to apply is April twenty-second.


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