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Tanya Santos Embraces Appointment at Immigration  

Tanya Santos

Tanya Santos Embraces Appointment at Immigration  

It has been just over a month since Santos took over the reins as C.E.O. of the Ministry of Immigration. Contrary to reports suggesting that she took the post with great reluctance, Santos says she embraced the challenge. She was asked about her experience working at the ministry over the last six weeks. Here is what she told us.


Tanya Santos, C.E.O., Ministry of Immigration

“I realized the big challenge it would have been. I also recognized that it is a big vote of confidence on my part from the Prime Minister and the leadership of the government. Therefore I embraced the challenge. I am not somebody who looks to be wasting time. I take my job vey5r seriously. I know there are struggles in this ministry. I know that there are challenges within the ministry but also with the service the public receives. I am also on the receiving end when I go for services in the Ministry of immigration and I have expressed to the staff as well that I have been the recipient of bad treatment and service. I absolutely embrace this challenge and it is one day at a time, one challenge at a time, one problem at a time. It is a big, big cake to eat but a little of it day by day.”



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