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Suspect in Shane Baizar’s Murder Was Quickly Identified  

Chester Williams

Suspect in Shane Baizar’s Murder Was Quickly Identified  

We also heard from Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, who informed reporters that Cruz Castillo, a man known to police, was being sought for Baizar’s murder. According to ComPol Williams, Castillo was an employee of Baizar. Here is what he had to say.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“The family of Mister Baizar had reported him missing on Saturday and since then the police had been extremely busy in rural Belize searching for clues and whatever that may be able to lead the police to where Mr. Baizar had been. We were hoping for the best that he may be found alive but yesterday investigators found traces of blood inside the home and on a wheel barrow. That began to indicate to the police that something fishy went wrong. Again, investigators found the house open and according to accounts it is something that is unusual. So we continued to do our search and we gathered certain information of a person who may have been involved and that led us to Saint Mathews Village where Mr. Baizar’s vehicle was discovered, not too far from the home of the brother of the person we had suspected who I must say at this time is Cruz Castillo. This morning police went back into the area of the Bermudian Landing and they found a shallow grave and inside that shallow grave the decomposed body of Mr. Baizar was found. Scenes of Crime was called and they processed the scene. And, we continue to look for the individual we believe was involved, one Cruz Castillo.”

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