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Stop Orders are Issued to Islanders Building Obstructive Seawalls  

Andre Perez

Stop Orders are Issued to Islanders Building Obstructive Seawalls  

And for those property owners in San Pedro and Caye Caulker who have gone ahead to build seawalls, creating either obstructions to others or concerns about the environment, Perez explained that they are being dealt with in accordance with the law. Today he informed that stop orders have been issued to all those property owners who have insisted on continuing with their construction. He added that having Forestry and the Department of the Environment now represented on the island is already making a positive difference.


Andre Perez, Area Representative, Belize Rural South

“I think they’re looking at stop orders already. And I did speak with the different departments this morning because it’s not only that wall, to be honest with you, that’s being brought to light, because one thing, I thank the Caye Caulker people for bringing it to light. There are many concerns up in Ambergris Caye as well, and I’ve been reaching out. So I’m thankful now that the Department of Environment and Forestry has an office, and know they are doing the work, and we’ve expressed the support as well from the council that’s providing any kind of support that we can do with them, as well as the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. So all is coming into place, and let them know, especially those people are developing up there, we’re not calling any names – foreigners that come in there. We simply just want to make it clear to them that we are a country of standards. There is a way development can happen, but there are ways and means how to do it. There’s a legal process and a lot of that has gone unchecked because it’s a huge place. The municipality is overwhelmed, but having the right departments in permanent place is going to make a difference and it’s making a difference already.”

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