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Still No Word from DPP On Rape Investigation

Chester Williams

Still No Word from DPP On Rape Investigation

In mid-January, we reported on the criminal charges that one prominent Belize City attorney was likely to face in connection with a rape investigation. Well, six weeks later and those files are still with the Director of Public Prosecution. Charges are yet to be levied and there is no telling if the reports made by the two female victims will lead to an arrest. When reporters asked ComPol Williams for an update today, he said the D.P.P. has been busy.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“The DPP is a very meticulous person. I must say she is an extremely good attorney and an exceptional advocate. She is the type who wants to make sure that when she draws bows there is sufficient and so I know that she has met with the investigators and gave them certain instructions to carry out and she is looking at the file very carefully. I know she was extremely occupied with the Oscar Selgado matter. That now awaits a decision from the trial judge. Just give her some time. I personally went through the file and it is complex. It is not a straight forward case. So she needs to make sure she has her ducks in row before making any decision where that matter is concerned.”

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