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Sports Monday with Paul Lopez

Sports Monday with Paul Lopez

Goodnight and welcome to another edition of Sports Monday, I am Paul Lopez. The nation is behind the National Under-Eighteen Basketball team currently competing in FIBA’s Americup in Argentina.

They arrived in Argentina on Saturday and participated in a media day where their portraits were taken ahead of the start of the tournament. The games tipped off today and Belize played its first match against Brazil.

They are scheduled to play the U.S. on Tuesday and Argentina on Wednesday. We are certainly proud of the effort our young basketball athletes are displaying in Argentina. From Basketball, we move into some softball action.

The Belize City Softball Association’s Fast Pitch Softball Tournament continues inside the MCC Stadium. The association schedules at least four games over the course of the weekend.

On Friday night, Wolfpack faced off against Lady Impact. Wolfpack is batting at the top of the first inning. Bases are loaded and Wolfpack’s number fourteen is up to bat. She hits the ball just over second base, sending one runner home. Bases remained loaded when Amoria Mejia sent one flying into center field. Another two runners made it home safe in that inning. Lady Impact’s first batting inning saw no runs. At the bottom of the second inning, Wolfpack continued to add runs to their scoresheet. Runners on second and third, with number seventeen inside the batter’s box. The catcher missed the pitch, didn’t recover in time and Wolfpack scored its fourth run. The pitcher was changed after numerous foul balls.

Number fourteen for Wolfpack is once again inside the batter’s box and bases are loaded. She hits the ball across third base, just far enough for it to be a fair ball. The Wolfpack counted two additional runs on that hit. That’s five. Wolfpack would go on to make two more runs in that inning. It was not until the top of the third that Lady Impact would begin to see some headway. A hard hit to the shoulder of Impact’s Kimani Gillett. She walked to first base. With runners on second and third, Wolfpack’s catcher missed the ball and Gillett finds her way home. A needed run for Lady Impact.  Alberta Bailey sent a ground ball into the right field that translated into two more runs for her team. Folks, this one ended in the seventh inning, with a victory for Wolfpack as they secured fifteen runs in total. Lady Impact finished with six runs.

The Anthony Mahler Under-Thirteen Football Tournament is a highlight event over the weekend for young footballers across the Old Capital


This past Saturday was no different and we are bringing you highlights from two of the matches played that day. The first is between newcomer Berger United and Phoenix F.C. Berger United’s number eleven wasted no time in putting his team on the scoreboard off the throw in. Only four minutes later, Latrel Frazer got one in after a solid defensive tackle by his teammate in front of the goalpost.  And just before the end of the third period, number eleven again, breaks away and gets in his second goal. Late into the second period, Khayri Martin makes some room inside the penalty box  and sends a bullet into the goal, putting his time up by four goals.  Less than a minute later Breylin Middleton scores Berger United’s fifth goal with an easy touch past the goalkeeper.

Berger United would go on to win that match, eight goals to zero. In our second highlight match, Tutbay F.C. took on Port F.C. Tutbay made a statement early in this one. Watch young Scott Johnson from Tutbay F.C. as his pass inside comes back to him. He disposed of it quickly into the back of the net. Number ten, Kyrone Martinez gave Tutbay its third goal off a beautiful .pass that only needed some finishing touches.   Less than a minute later, Alden Coleman once again, this time with an impressive kick off the header from a defender. Tutbay F.C. won that match five goals to zero.

Well Folks that is all we have for you in tonight’s coverage of Sports Monday

Catch you in the next one


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