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Some Albert Street Businesses Want Parking Meters Gone

Some Albert Street Businesses Want Parking Meters Gone

The news last week that Hofius Store in downtown Belize City is going to close down later this year took many Belize City residents by surprise. While Hofius did not grant an interview to explain the reasons for their decision to call it quits, some of the businesses in the area have expressed a genuine concern that the parking meters that were installed about two years ago have hindered business growth. Like Hofius, the businesses have opted to remain anonymous but have shared their concerns nonetheless. News Five’s Marion Ali reports.


Marion Ali, Reporting

The historic Albert Street, with all its businesses lined off on both sides from its junction at Orange Street all the way down several blocks, has been an iconic part of Belize City dating back to the eighteen hundreds. But a system that was introduced in the area over the past few years to control traffic has now become a concern among some of the businesses in the downtown area.


Since the installation of the parking meters along that stretch, store owners have complained that they have seen their businesses shrink and their customers kept away. One of the managers at a department store in the downtown area told News Five today off-camera that they have raised the concern to City Hall before. The store manager said that shoppers nowadays will not pay for parking just to purchase one or two items. Also, they will not drive around the circular looking for a free parking space to make their purchase.



The manager also pointed out that the majority of the big shoppers are people who drive and use the convenience of the free parking that existed before to fill their vehicles with grocery or other items. One supervisor who did give us an on-camera interview works at Dibary’s. Mario Lopez said that the parking meters bring for them some good and some bad. The majority of their customers, however, have not stopped going there to shop.



Mario Lopez

                              Mario Lopez


Mario Lopez, Store Supervisor, Dibary

“In a way, it has a positive side and a negative side, but as I’m saying, I think it’s a very good idea because it also keeps rotation  in the main artery, I would say, in Belize City,  whereby first, used to park here for a whole hour, two hours, or a whole day, but now You come here, you pay a half an hour ticket, you pay a one hour ticket, and so you could enjoy the amenities.”



Marion Ali

“So it hasn’t reflected much on business or affected negatively?



Mario Lopez

“Not on our side at least. You’re here and there, you’re here and there people will still find a way to park, especially they’re using the Frontier a lot.”





Today we tried to get a comment from Mayor Bernard Wagner on the concerns that the business owners have raised over the impact that parking meters have had on their business, but he declined comment. Marion Ali for News Five.

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