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Shyne Says Energy Security was Promised, Not Delivered

Shyne Barrow

Shyne Says Energy Security was Promised, Not Delivered

The uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price is crucial for the reliable operation of country’s economy.  It directly impacts national security, economic growth, and the well-being of citizens.  Energy security is important.  So, what does the Leader of the Opposition think of what has been happening with blackouts across the country?  Here are his views.


Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“Energy security promised, now we have shedding, as they want to call it and again, I appreciate Mr. Mencias’ honesty, but someone needs to be fired, someone needs to be held accountable.  What has Micho Chebat been doing since he took on the portfolio at PUC?  Where is Fortis, where is the billion dollar company, Fortis, who, I see, are posting in Facebook that they are making arrangements to get energy from the dam and they are doing all types of things.  Why hasn’t this been a discussion for the last four years?  And again, it is quintessential People’s United Party governance.  No consultation, no inclusion.  The opposition and other stakeholders should be at the table.  I have a paper, a white paper here from the NTUCB where last year, they were giving recommendations for enhanced focus on energy efficiency, alternative tax measures to make the incidents of taxation more progressive when it comes to energy so that we could lower the exorbitant prices that have come about from the highest gas prices ever, strategies for reducing electricity cost for the consumers, sustained off-grid financing for rural communities. For us to be here now with John Mencias, the CEO of BEL saying well, you know, for ten years we knew that we had this problem but no one did anything is absolutely deplorable.  It is devastating to the health sector, to the tourism sector, to the economy which is driven by our tourism.”

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