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Shyne Says Blame Cartel Infiltration on ComPol and P.U.P.

Shyne Barrow

Shyne Says Blame Cartel Infiltration on ComPol and P.U.P.

Earlier today, Opposition Leader Shyne Barrow also spoke with reporters concerning the permeation of narco operatives in northern Belize.  He asserts that the overnight murder in Patchakan Village is a cartel-related hit and blames it all on the Commissioner of Police and the Briceno administration.


Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“Once it comes to anything related to the police department, there is never accountability.  Chesty Bestie never says, “You know what, we have a problem.  There is an emergency, we need all hands on deck, you know.  We need to call an emergency meeting.  The National Security Council, PM, minister, let us all get together, stakeholders, NGO, unions, churches, opposition, mek we come together because this is an emergency.”  And we have been seeing the emergency with the narco infiltration since last year.  We saw all the murders in Corozal, but no, Chesty Bestie wahn tell yoh bout oh he di run eena Mesop and weh he wahn do when he retire from the commissioner’s office and taking all of us for cunu munu and poppy show when he is charged with the very grave, very serious responsibility of our citizen security and we see that that is under threat. So with the execution last night, I am on the ground, I know what is happening.  That was a direct result, that was an execution from the narco infiltration that has taken over Corozal from last year, probably before that. I can tell you that high officials in the People’s United Party are responsible for the narco infiltration in the north, Corozal specifically. So the country of Belize needs to be on high alert, we are a narco state.  You might no hear about the planes landing but they are still landing.”

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