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Senator Courtenay Calls Out U.D.P. Senators

Eamon Courtenay

Senator Courtenay Calls Out U.D.P. Senators

Now news from the Senate Sitting today…the U.D.P.’s Antonio Herrera was the only opposition senator that was present inside the chamber of the National Assembly in Belmopan. Herrera, however, spent only a short time inside before walking out in protest, but not without Senator for Government Business, Eamon Courtenay making a point of his departure. Here is how that went.


Eamon Courtenay, Lead Senator, Government Business

“You should bow when you are leaving Senator Herrera and make sure that we all see. You are leaving for the day? Alright, have a happy day. With your leave, I will record historically that it is a disgrace and stain for the county of Belize that on the debate for the budget that at the next fiscal year the UDP is not present in this chamber. I say it is a stain and disgrace like it was in the house last debate.”

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