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Senate Debates Legislation That Legitimized National Women’s Commission

Michael Peyrefitte

Senate Debates Legislation That Legitimized National Women’s Commission

On Thursday, the Senate also debated legislation that seeks to establish the National Women’s Commission as a legal body. Lead U.D.P. Senator, Michael Peyrefitte, argued that while the legislation seems like a noble effort on the surface, it gives the minister undue discretion for appointments. He further contended that the commission is a way for the government to employ political cronies.


Michael Peyrefitte, Lead UDP Senator

“This government likes to bring legislation that on the face of it seems noble. But when you really analyze it is anything but noble. It is like when you bring a budget or a supplemental and you have ten things that are ridiculous but one thing is in there that you can’t object to, because they will say oh you object to the supplemental. Unu think unu smart and we stupid. The National Women’s Commission, thirteen members appointed by the minister. If that nuh bad enough, the minister has to appoint the executive director too, for money to be determined quite possibly by that same minister. They put it as prescribed. We have an office or a person in an office that is Special Envoy for Women and Children. We have offices to deal with these issues. WE have a Ministry of Human Development which deals with man and woman, are we saying these people are not doing their jobs, that we need this for what? This is a way to find jobs for the government’s cronies and lackeys while you already cannot find money for the current public officers who are suppose to get their increments and pay.”

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