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PUP’s Michel Chebat Fires Back at UDP

PUP's Michel Chebat Fires Back at UDP

PUP’s Michel Chebat Fires Back at UDP

The United Democratic Party (UDP) is calling for the immediate resignation or removal of Michel Chebat from the Ministry of Public Utilities. In a statement, the UDP criticised Chebat’s leadership in the ministry. The party said that it has led “unwarranted suffering of the Belizean people, especially the people of the Cayo North constituency.” 

The UDP says “Chebat must go in order for the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Public Utilities Commission to prioritise the needs of the public once again.” 

In a statement to News 5, Chabet said, “I was elected to serve all the people of Cayo North. Since my election I have been in discussions with BWS to bring water to the communities in Cayo North that do not have access to water. This particular area has increased significantly and the people are without the basic neccessity that water provides.  It is my duty to find a permanent solution to that issue. This is not about band aid solutions like the UDP doing.”

Chebat further stated, “The residents deserve to have access to clean running water. And I make no excuse for lobbying to bring water to them.” 

According to Chebat, “BWS will regain their initial investment through water bills. That is what plan Belize is all about…we are about bringing permanent solutions for the people and not about grand standing like the UDP.” 

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