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PUP Dominates 2024 Municipal Elections

PUP Dominates 2024 Municipal Elections

There were 67 seats up for grabs for the 2024 municipal elections. The ruling People’s United Party fielded 67 candidates. The United Democratic Party also fielded 67 candidates. The People’s Democratic Movement had 11 candidates in the race. There were 11 independent candidates. Out of the 101,190 persons eligible to vote, 58,155 cast ballots. This translated to a 57.47% voter turnout countrywide. 52.16% of the voters were female, and 47.84 were male. Orange Walk Town had the highest voter turnout with 64.53%, and Dangriga Town had the least with 51.27%.

While the UDP increased the number of seats when compared to the previous municipal elections, the PUP dominated the 2024 municipal elections, winning all but one town council.


Corozal  Town

PUP Corozal Municipal elections

Registered electors: 7,826

Ballots Cast: 4,709

Voter turnout: 60.17%


Orange Walk Town

PUP Orange Walk Municipal elections 2024
Registered electors: 10,511

Ballots Cast: 6,783

Voter turnout: 64.53%


Belize City

Registered electors: 37,224
Ballots Cast: 20,197

Voter turnout: 54.26%

San Pedro Town

Registered electors: 8,704
Ballots Cast: 5,397

Voter turnout: 62.01%

Belmopan City

Registered electors: 10,065

Ballots Cast: 5,623

Voter turnout: 55.87%

San Ignacio/San Ignacio Town

Registered electors: 13,729

Ballots Cast: 8,059

Voter turnout: 58.7&

Benque Viejo del Carmen Town

Registered electors: 4,816
Ballots Cast: 2,856

Voter turnout: 59.3%


Dangriga Town

Registered electors: 5,282
Ballots Cast: 2,708

Voter turnout: 51.27%


Punta Gorda Town

Registered electors: 3,033
Ballots Cast: 1,861

Voter turnout: 61.36%


Data compiled by the Elections and Boundaries Department in partnership with Total Business Solutions Limited shows that 452,073 voters were cast. The PUP received 63.23% of the total voters while the UDP received 35.15%. The UDP increased its number of seats in San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town when compared to the previous municipal elections. That was the only mixed slate with one PUP candidate retaining his seat.


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