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Public Service Union Reminds Members Of Their Rights

Dean Flowers

Public Service Union Reminds Members Of Their Rights

The Public Service Union says that it will not be disrespected or fall victim of harassment any longer. On Monday, the Public Service Union issued a circular to its members reminding them of the proper protocols regarding public officers transferring within ministries. According to the circular, there have been multiple instances in which the C.E.O. of a ministry has either attempted to transfer officers themselves or attempt to refuse the transfer of an officer. It further states that these transfers can only be issued by the Public Services Commission or by the C.E.O. of the Ministry of Public Service as delegated by the commission. As transfers will be occurring between now and March thirty-first, the union felt obligated to issue a reminder to its member that they must report these instances to union if they occur. We spoke with President of the Public Service Union, Dean Flowers for more information.


Dean Flowers, President, P.S.U.

“Currently we’re dealing with some grievances in which public officers now, are claiming compensation for responsibility allowance, as well as acting allowances, for having been posted or transferred without the permission or without the knowledge of the CEO in the Ministry of Public Service or the commission. And in these cases, while we do enjoy success in being able to prove that these people were in fact performing in a capacity that they are not to have been. And in most cases we do get the compensation that they’re seeking. But we’re saying that we cannot continue always trying to prove these unauthorized transfers because it is important that the commission or the CEO in the Ministry of Public Service calls his colleagues and these heads of departments accountable who continue to usurp the authority by posting and transferring people without any OUT 7:47 vested authority. It doesn’t matter how much we report some of the irregularities that CEOs both past and present may be engaged in. We are yet to see under the previous administration or past administrations or under the current administration where CEOs who have not acted in the best interest of the public service have been recommended. We have not seen that and I am unable to say to you what would be those repercussions because all that the government sees when they come into office is blue and red and each and every administration that comes into government know exactly who are decent CEOs and upright CEOs and who are  terrible whether from a human resource management standpoint or whether from an integrity standpoint, they know them and they know them well.”

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