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Police to Lobby G.O.B. Over Existing Seatbelt Law

Chester Williams

Police to Lobby G.O.B. Over Existing Seatbelt Law

A new seatbelt law came into force recently in an attempt to enforce traffic laws and prevent grave road traffic accidents across the country.  While the effectiveness of the new measure is yet to be determined, there are allegations of extortion being made against members of the Belize Police Department.  According to ComPol William, the department will advocate for a change in the existing laws to make the issue of persons not wearing seatbelts a ticketable offense.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“I hope not.  The complaint from Cristo Rey Road had to do with that, the issue of seatbelts, and we will be lobbying to government or parliament to see how we can get the seatbelt law a ticketed offense, as opposed to an arrestable offense.  To arrest a person for seatbelt is extremely tedious, it’s a lengthy process.  So if we can make it a ticketable offence, it is more easier to both the offender and the police officer because when we have to remove officers from the streets to come and charge someone for seatbelt, we leave the streets open because the police officers could be out there patrolling, preventing crime and we have to be in a station processing a person, charging them for seatbelt.  So just as we have the traffic offenses that are ticketable, we will ask that the seatbelt offense be a ticketed one as well.”

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