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Police Determined To Find Dylan Anthony’s Killer

Chester Williams

Police Determined To Find Dylan Anthony’s Killer

Friends, family, and colleagues are still grieving the loss of twenty-nine-year-old Dylan Anthony, a police constable from Camalote Village, who was shot and killed on Saturday. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams said that while this case is close to home for the department, their priority is still to bring justice for the victim and his family.


Britney Gordon

“And what about Mister Dylan Anthony? Has there been any updates on his murder?”


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“At this time, no.”



“Did you meet with Mister Anthony’s family this weekend and what was that like in terms of trying to assure them that the department will get to the bottom of his murder?“


Chester Williams

“Certainly the death of Anthony is extremely tough for us. Anthony works at headquarters. Beside my office and I used to see him every day.  A very big, humble, respectable young man. As a matter of fact, I always joked with him when I passed him and he always have that good sense of humor and that big smile on his face. I certainly will miss his presence and I want to assure his family that we will do all we can to find those persons who are responsible for his demise. I don’t want to hear that it’s a case of mistaken identity. The fact is that they killed someone and as much as yes we, it bothers us that it’s a police, but who the person is that they killed shouldn’t have to do with it. We currently have the suspects in custody. We believe we have. The two gun men in custody and they are currently being interviewed by the CIB in Belmopan, a major crime.  And we are hoping that we should be able to make some significant progress by the end of the day today, where that murder is concerned.”

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