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Police Constable Remanded for Unnatural Crime upon Minor

Chester Williams

Police Constable Remanded for Unnatural Crime upon Minor

A police constable is spending his first night behind bars after he was denied bail on a charge of unnatural crime. The police officer has also been interdicted from active duty and will face disciplinary charges. Twenty-nine-year-old Marcus Che was arraigned today at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court, where he was read the charge. He appeared undefended before the court and was denied bail. The magistrate ordered Che to return to court on June eleventh. The charge against him stemmed from an incident at the Punta Gorda Police Station in the wee hours of Sunday. Police say that the minor, a fifteen-year-old boy, accompanied by his mother, reported the matter on Tuesday. When he spoke with the media today, Commissioner Williams said he was disgusted when he learned about the incident.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“When I was brief of that matter yesterday, I was extremely disgusted of what transpired and more so, inside the police station. From what I was briefed is that Police Constable Marcus Che, who is assigned – or who was assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit in Punta Gorda Town, invited a young man of 15 years old to his office, and his office is located on the upper flat of the Punta Gorda Town police station. And in his office he performed anal sex with the 15-year-old.  The 15-year-old and his father reported the matter to the police and Marcus Che has since been arrested and charged for unnatural crime and he has since been interdicted from duty. I think that it’s certainly threw a monkey wrench into the work that we have been doing to try and restore trust and confidence. It is going to take a very long time to restore that confidence for parents to want to send their children to the police station in Punta Gorda Town, but I want to assure the parents and the people of Punta Gorda Town that we are going to be doing all we can to make sure that this police officer is brought to justice and that there is no reoccurrence of this issue. I’m sure the public is going to be forgiving in terms of what transpired to know that we have a huge organization to run. And as much as we will try, we’ll never be able to control what each and every member of our department does. But what we can control is what we do in the aftermath of them committing themselves. And I think that we have had a very good track record in dealing with our own when they step out of line.”

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