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PM Briceño Reflects on Mike Espat’s Lengthy Political Career

On the Phone: Prime Minister John Briceno

PM Briceño Reflects on Mike Espat’s Lengthy Political Career

We also heard from Prime Minister John Briceño who is currently on his way home from a visit to the Vatican. PM Briceño says the news of Espat’s passing caught him by surprise because they met last week in Belmopan to discuss works in Toledo East. According to PM Briceño, Espat’s death comes as a great loss to the party and the country. He reflected on his colleague’s lengthy political career and contributions to the public service sector. Here is what he told us.


On the Phone: Prime Minister John Briceño

“I think the first thing that comes to mind is shock. It is something that was totally unexpected. Last week I had a meeting with him in Belmopan talking about his work and his concerns about what is happening in the Toledo District. So when I was informed that he had a heart attack and passed away I was shocked and started to reflect that this is a great loss not only for the PUP and the people of Toledo East, but for the country of Belize. Mike Espat dedicated his entire adult life to public service. Many people don’t remember he was a teacher and principal, and it was in 1989 that he offered himself to represent the people of Toledo East and since then he has been active in politics and service to the people. So a great loss to us and to our party and especially to his family. Just last year his wife passed way. So this is even more tragic for the Espat family, who lost a mother last year and then now losing a father. We will have an official funeral but we want to sit down and discuss with the family. They will have to tell us when they will have the burial. Once they inform us the ministry of foreign affairs, their protocol officers will take over and make all the arrangements. We are hoping we can bring his body to the National Assembly before he is taken to his final resting place which will be in Punta Gorda.”

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