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PM Briceño Addresses Throng of P.U.P. Supporters

John Briceño

PM Briceño Addresses Throng of P.U.P. Supporters

Prime Minister John Briceño also took the stage a short while after and wasted no time in going after his political opponents.  The considerable show of support is the People’s United Party in its prime and listening to the party leader from the podium, the P.U.P. is poised for another victory.


John Briceño, Party Leader, P.U.P.

“The UDP done di talk dat deh wahn get rid ah Shyne because dehn know dat Shyne cyant win no election fi di UDP.  But I wahn mek di UDP know, mek ih be John Saldivar, mek ih be Patrick Faber, mek ih be Dean Barrow, mek ih be any UDP, that on March sixth, it doesn’t matter who leads the UDP because Belize will once again vote for the People’s United Party.  We are going to go blue, blue, blue down the line.  And ah sih Micho and Cayo North out here.  I was with them last week and I have good news for you because Trapp di try trick di people da San Ignacio and Santa Elena.  He once seh that he only wahn be mayor fi six years, but Trapp has been in the UDP town council for twenty-one years and everywhere we go now, their saying, we tyad a Trapp.  We wahn beat Trapp fi di People’s United Party.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so proud to be leading this party because right now we are going to have nine exceptional candidates for mayor and in Belize City, guess what?  Mayor Wagner is going to win once again for the People’s United Party.”

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