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Perez ‘Hits The Ground Running’ On Cabinet Re-entry

Andre Perez

Perez ‘Hits The Ground Running’ On Cabinet Re-entry

Minister Of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, Andre Perez has officially returned to the cabinet. The Belize Rural South Area Representative spent nearly eight months on leave of absence amid sexual misconduct allegations that arose in August 2023. Perez, however, refuted these claims and in January of this year, Prime Minister John Briceño said that Perez’s return to cabinet was not improbable. Earlier this month, Perez attended his first cabinet meeting after being officially reinstated. We caught up with Perez to hear how the return to cabinet has been going so far.


Andre Perez, Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation

“I’m excited to be back. I hit the ground running, If you want to say that on the very first week there was some issues to deal with the oceans conference as it relates to blue economy. So I had to be out of town for official duties. I was a bit difficult for me because I had my work laid out as I started my first meetings, my head of directors and head of departments from the different ministries, including blue economy and no disaster management. But yesterday was very intense with the meeting there. And of course, finding that balance that we keep on as an ear representative. I serve on the third largest division in entire country. So that’s a great responsibility as well. So it’s finding that balance that we’re doing excellent. And this is one of these days here in Caye Caulker. This is my stomping grounds. I’m happy to be here and also doing the work as a minister.”


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