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Patrick Faber Celebrates 21 Years as a Parliamentarian

Patrick Faber

Patrick Faber Celebrates 21 Years as a Parliamentarian

Also present at the presser this afternoon was Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber.  Of note is that U.D.P. mayoral candidate Doctor Nelma Jones Mortis hails from that constituency.  Faber began by acknowledging his twenty-first year as a parliamentarian before speaking about Collet and the campaign trail.


Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet

“Today, March fifth, makes twenty-one years that I’ve been in the House of Representatives and, of course, under my watch we have never lost the Collet constituency at no level, municipal or general.  And, of course, tomorrow, I can assure you, party leader, will be no different.  I can assure the country that we will bring victory once again in Collet, but I want to say as well because of my work with the team, I am confident also of a victory citywide.  We might not win all constituencies, but cumulatively we will definitely make what it takes to deliver City Hall to the UDP once again.  I sit at this table today to have people understand that as we move into the elections tomorrow, we are one united force.  The UDP has a record of division, as many would know, and it also has a record of coming together when the country needs us and it is no doubt that if the country ever needed us, that time is now.  And so, we have put differences aside in order to make sure that tomorrow we will enter those elections one unified front and bring victory in all nine of our municipalities across the country.”

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