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P.U.P. Municipal Seven in Belmopan Officially Sworn-In

P.U.P. Municipal Seven in Belmopan Officially Sworn-In

The City of Belmopan officially has a new city council. This afternoon, Mayor Pablo Cawich and his team of councilors were sworn-in to office. Residents of Belmopan went to the polls on March sixth and the majority voted in favor of the People’s United Party’s mayoral candidate, Pablo Cawich and his six councilors. This is the second consecutive term that the P.U.P. will lead in the Capital City. We heard from the Mayor Cawich during the ceremony. Here is what he had to say.

Pablo Cawich, Mayor, City of Belmopan

“Today marks a pivotal moment in our city’s history as we inaugurate a new chapter with the installation of this city council. It is both an honor and a privilege to stand before you as mayor and I am filled with a profound sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for the journey that lies ahead. Our city is vibrant, it is full of dreams and aspirations and it is a testament to the strength of our community as we take on the mantle of leadership, let us recognize the unique character of this city. It has diversity that defines us, challenges that shape us and the collective spirit that unifies us. Our vision for the city is not just about improved infrastructure and services; it is about modernizing and enhancing the very essence of community life. Our goals are ambitious, yet it is a shared commitment and determination that will propel us forward as we face the complexities of modern governance let us remember that our decision impact the lives of each resident.”

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