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P.U.P. Criticises U.D.P. Leader of Yellowman’s Termination

Henry Charles Usher

P.U.P. Criticises U.D.P. Leader of Yellowman’s Termination

And, while the leader of the opposition chose to leave Audinette’s termination for his internal party mechanism to handle, Henry Charles Usher, the Area Representative for Fort George, heavily criticized Barrow over it. Now, the termination of a political party’s ground soldier has nothing to do with the budget debate, nor do these occurrences often make the news. But, in this case, Usher spoke to the deed of settlement that Audinett is being asked to sign. Here is what he said.


Henry Charles Usher, Area Representative, Fort George

“He said he didn’t get any sleep, but the real reason he didn’t get any sleep or couldn’t sleep was because he knows they are coming for him. Yellowman is only the first and no deed of settlement will save you. Imagine this, the leader of the opposition is so afraid of a member of the UDP that he is forcing him to sign a deed of settlement that prevents Yellow form going into Mesopotemia. It prevents Yellow from talking about him or talking about the UDP publicly or privately in perpetuity, in perpetuity Mr. Speaker. Just two and a half weeks ago he contested the elections in Belize City on behalf of the United Democratic Party. He lost significantly, but nevertheless he is a UDP and what is the leader of the opposition offering Yellow for a lifetime of silence, seven thousand, five hundred dollars, half down and then yon uh get nothing if you talk. The member from Mesopotemia…”


Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet

“Mr. Speaker on a point of order, this is not relevant to the budget at all, this man is talking about UDP internal politics. What does that have to do with the budget?”


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