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Osmond Martinez Wants To Run Standard Bearer

Osmond Martinez

Osmond Martinez Wants To Run Standard Bearer

The C.E.O. of the Ministry of Economic Development, Doctor Osmond Martinez, wants to be the next Area Representative of Toledo East under the People’s United Party. Martinez explained that he is in the early stages of the process; however, he is hopeful that his endeavor will be successful. The problem here is that the P.U.P. already has an area representative for that division in the person of Mike Espat. Our information is that Espat is not too happy that Martinez is putting his hat in the ring. We asked him about that today.


Dr. Osmond Martinez, C.E.O., Ministry Economic Development
“Well, it’s not a decision as yet, you know. There is a process that any person who wants to, to run for politics will have to go through. One of those is that you have to submit an application to the National Party Council. The National Party Council will have to accept you. So, for now, I am the CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development. When the time comes to submit an application, I will submit an application. But for now, I’m just the CEO. I am not an official person who is running. But yes, I will submit an application.”

“When do you believe may be that opportune time? And do you believe that will go smoothly with the party?”

Dr. Osmond Martinez
“I don’t know when that opportune time will be. So I’m just for now, I’m just. What I have done is I have just tested the social medias and I am really impressed that I was well received in my home, which the places where I grow within the banana farms and Bella Vista Village.”

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