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Oscar Selgado Seeks Non-Custodial Sentence Due to Diabetic Illness  

Arthur Saldivar

Oscar Selgado Seeks Non-Custodial Sentence Due to Diabetic Illness  

Attorney Arthur Saldivar is fighting for a non-custodial sentence for his client Oscar Selgado. Over the last two hearings, Selgado’s diabetic condition has been a focal point of the court conversations. Reports are that his health has deteriorated while inside the Belize Central Prison, in the absence of the necessary nutrition and a full-time doctor inside the prison. The High Court is also hearing these concerns. Several witnesses, including medical professional and the Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Central Prison Virgilio Murillo have been called to testify. Here is what Selgado’s attorney told us on this matter.


Arthur Saldivar, Attorney for Selgado

“No it has not improved. He is a chronic diabetic. He struggles with his condition. There is the problem he has where the food is not adequate for him and as a result, he is relying heavily on his family to bring him food that he can actually eat. Outside of that he is having the problem because there is no doctor available twenty-four seven at the prison, especially on a day like today, until Monday, Doctor Novelo who is the only one will not be there. So, if something is to happen to him while doctor Novelo is not there, there is nobody to tend to him other than an inmate who is not capable of providing medical care. Furthermore, for some strange reason his family cannot give him food over the weekend. So, Saturday and Sunday he must either not eat or simply eat what is given to him at the prison, and everybody know that once you have diabetes you cannot eat processed food, balloni, hotdogs, that is not what you want to have a diabetic person eat. Within the law there are provisions that would allow for it and it is now our task to bring forward reasons that the court could consider in brining ourselves to a position like that.”

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