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Opposition Raises Concern Over Reported ‘Nepotistic’ Hiring in Corozal Bay   

Michael Peyrefitte

Opposition Raises Concern Over Reported ‘Nepotistic’ Hiring in Corozal Bay   

According to the U.D.P.’s Deputy Chairman, Alberto August, who is a member of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, there have been several nepotistic appointments. Reports are that the sibling of an elected area representative has been appointed as the New Elections and Boundaries Registrar for the Corozal Bay constituency. The U.D.P. says it raises concerns about her impartiality when conducting her duties. U.D.P. Chairman Michael Peyrefitte told the media today that this is concerning.


Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, U.D.P.

“We have serious concerns, especially when siblings of area reps or contestants for constituencies are working in the registration office. There is a lot that has to be done when a person is registered. You should go and check that the person lives there for example. Sometimes that has to take place at night, during the day. There is always the legitimate fear that if you have someone there assisting in a particular capacity then they can bypass all those checks and balances required for a person to be registered there. We would like to know exactly what role the person is playing there. We were informed for example that the relative of somebody in Corozal was employed for just a month. But, why just a month. What was so peculiar to have that person there for just a month. And, not only that, what did that person do, what was their role or purpose there. It just means we have to be vigilant with our scrutineering, we have to be vigilant to watch every aspect. Like when you play basketball sometimes you say, from the referee we have to beat.” 

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