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Opposition Leader on COI into Sugar Industry: “I Told You So”

Moses “Shyne” Barrow

Opposition Leader on COI into Sugar Industry: “I Told You So”

Opposition Leader Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow says he supports the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association’s continued call for a commission of inquiry into the sugar industry. Barrow publicly expressed his skepticism when PM Briceño and the association entered into an agreement to have the inquiry launched within ninety days. That was three months ago, and today Barrow said that he hates to be right on this matter but said, “I told you so.”


Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“I told you guys this. I did not want to get ahead of myself and start celebrating, because I told you ninety days we would be right back here. I used the word that it was just a band aid on a gaping wound. Unfortunately I have been proven right. I don’t want to be right in these instances. I would wish these problems get solved indefinitely. But I have to say I have to agree with the BSCFA in what they said as far as if a small business person starts a business, all the authorities goes down there and they want to make sure that tax is paid and that sort of thing is proceeding accordingly. So, I don’t think a multinational should be exempt from a process that regular Belizeans face. What is the problem with transparency, accountability, having all the details? Maybe it could be that there is some confidentiality, so while the commission of inquiry may happen you block out certain parts, maybe certain parts don’t come to the public but it would just be for the considerations of the parties involved, if the cooperation feels that their privacy is being invaded. They are a public company. It is private sector but they are involved in a public service when we are talking about the sugar industry that impacts so many people and we have had this impasse for so long and it is hard to solve it.”


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