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NTUCB Engages the Region to Launch Campaign on OSH Bill

Via phone: Luke Martinez

NTUCB Engages the Region to Launch Campaign on OSH Bill

Martinez told us that the umbrella union has put together a work plan to launch a campaign to legislate the OSH Bill in a more organized manner. He said that a part of that plan is to include regional and international partners in the union’s attempt to expedite the process.


Via phone: Luke Martinez, President, NTUCB

“We’ve decided to reach out to our regional partners also to assist us in pushing this agenda. So for the week of the 21st, I think, to the 25th, we’ll have our regional partners from Trinidad, from the Labor College and with them, we’ll be one of the experts. And he is happy and we are excited about getting him to give a presentation to the general public. And I will be invited. The presentation, of course will be around the importance of OSH and how we could move this forward, including as advancing us in Belize as a fundamental, right. So it’s bigger than what we’re looking at right now. And so the National Trade Union Congress continues to do our part, right. The International Labor Organization is fully supporting us. They are supporting us with financing the campaign that we’re launching. Ms. Vera from the International Labor Organization will be in Belize. We’ve engaged not only regional, but also our international affiliates to help to push and promote this agenda now. Of course the aim is to ensure that we sensitize every single worker. We sensitize the working class that we synthesize, the general public, and also we – one of our target groups is high school in third form, second form, as well as at the tertiary level.”

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