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New CT Scan Machines Are In The Country

Kevin Bernard

New CT Scan Machines Are In The Country

The new CT Scan machines are officially in the country. Belizeans have been anticipating the arrival of the new equipment ever since it was announced that they would arrive in late January. While January may have passed without the arrival, the wait is finally over. Minister of Health and Wellness, Kevin Bernard brought us up to speed on its status today.


Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness

“The CT scan is in country. I know that the Fuji team, because it’s a Fuji brand. And as I had mentioned, it comes with warranty, it comes with maintenance, over a five year maintenance plan, supported by the Fuji company and they were in country last week, and I think they are still in country this week. And the installation process will commence. We are hoping that by the end of this month, we should have the installation completed, and it should be in operation in early March.”


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