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Mynor Galindo says Police and Media are Wrong

Mynor Galindo says Police and Media are Wrong

Mynor Galindo says Police and Media are Wrong

Mynor Galindo, the brother of David Galindo, a prominent gang figure, who was fatally shot recently, says that the Belize Police Department and the media are spreading misinformation.

It is reported that following David’s shooting, he was rushed to the San Ignacio Community Hospital for emergency care. It is also reported that several of David’s gang affiliates arrived at the hospital, threatening doctors and nurses there. They reportedly told the doctors that David needed to be saved or else they would be murdered.

On Monday, Police Commissioner Chester Williams told reporters he was appalled at what happened.

“I am appalled by it, I must say.  I got a call the following morning from a doctor, the head doctor at the Western Regional Hospital and right away I put him on to Ms. Anderson who is the Western Regional Commander and the matter was addressed.  The police went to the area, statements were recorded, photographs were taken, the scene was processed and police have gathered video footage as well.  So we know exactly who the persons are that are responsible.  From then to now, we have not been able to locate those persons.  One of the persons of concern is, I think, Minor Galindo, he’s one of them.  Since then, he has not been seen in the San Ignacio area.  We understand that he had fled somewhere.  The fact that his brother had passed away, we believe that that might bring him out of his hole and once he is found then he will be dealt with along with another person who were the two main aggressors at the hospital.  But again, we condemn the actions done at the hospital.”

Mynor Galindo says Police and Media are Wrong

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, speaking to reporters.

In response to what Williams said and what the media reported, Mynor said in a statement, “No one has been arrested or charged for my brother’s death. Instead, the police are relentlessly pursuing us rather than the actual culprits. Despite providing detailed descriptions of the attackers and their vehicles to the authorities, there has been no discernible progress in the investigation. The authorities have utterly neglected their duty to ensure our safety and have instead harassed our family, baselessly accusing us of involvement in criminal activities.”

Mynor Galindo says Police and Media are Wrong

David Galindo, Murder Victim

“We have received no support or justice from the authorities, and the media has perpetuated false narratives, The true perpetrators remain at large while we are wrongfully targeted. We demand a thorough and impartial investigation into the attacks on our lives and my brother’s murder. Additionally, we call for the media and the Police to rectify their false reports falsely labeling me and my family as part of a gang, despite no actual affiliation and accurately represent our situation. It is imperative that justice prevails and that the true perpetrators are brought to account.”

Mynor Galindo says Police and Media are Wrong

San Ignacio Community Hospital

Minor says he is determined to correct misinformation spread by the police and media about their family. He says that two weeks ago, he survived an assassination attempt near his home, during which he disarmed a gunman and escaped unharmed despite another gunman firing at him. According to Mynorm, a week later, David, was fatally shot in a drive-by attack involving the same vehicle. He says that this information was shared with police.

This morning, ComPol Williams says he will be meeting with officials from the San Ignacio Community Hospital this afternoon.

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