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Ministry of Sports Commits $4000 Monthly to B.E.B.L.

Rodwell Ferguson

Ministry of Sports Commits $4000 Monthly to B.E.B.L.

Minister Ferguson also announced that his ministry is committing four thousand dollars monthly to the Belize Elite Basketball League. This is in response to the league’s complaint over the five thousand dollars price tag attached to the use of the Belize City Civic Center for games. It is less than a host team pays to use the Civic, but Minister Ferguson says his ministry is strapped for resources.


Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Sports

“We have semi-pro basketball going on right now and the group complained about using the CIVIC about the amount of funds that they get from the game might not cover their expenses for the game. From the Ministry of Sports we tried to figure how we can support them with the little resources we have. So we committed two thousand dollars from the sports council every month to them and the Department of Youth Services, I am also the Ministry of Youth, because we are dealing with young people likewise, then you can contribute two thousand likewise. So every month the semi-pro should be getting four thousand dollars from the ministry to support their bid and their cause. I noticed they opened a Pandora box because now every discipline will want the same. But we have to figure out what we can do as the minister of sports.”

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