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Minister Habet on Spanish Lookout’s Chaiman’s Tone

Orlando Habet

Minister Habet on Spanish Lookout’s Chaiman’s Tone

As for the other concerns raised at the community gathering, Habet says it’s a matter of interpreting the law. He went further to speculate that, based on the chairman’s tone and what he was saying, some members of the community were not in agreement.


Orlando Habet, Minister of Minister of Sustainable Development

“Mostly I think issues with compliance with environment. Normally, you will have criticism with the part of our environment. Many people don’t want to comply with the regulations, but they are there. For example, one that is a very difficult one is requirements for an EIA when you want to have the development of 300 acres or more to clearing of forest to, to do agriculture or livestock. So, what you get sometimes is, well, it’s only 300 acres. Well, the law says 300 acres or more. So what they do sometimes is, well, okay only 295 then doesn’t reach the 300, so we have to say no. That’s not how you interpret the law. So things like that and you will always be criticized, but we are trying to work with the different  communities. The special court community is one for certain. And I also believe that the criticism and the way and the tone and everything else that the chairmen spoke of and about isn’t the same thing and isn’t accepted by our community members in Spanish Lookout. So I don’t think he has a hundred percent support in the way he expresses himself.”



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