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Minister Fonseca: Curriculum Reform Designed to Ease Work

Francis Fonseca

Minister Fonseca: Curriculum Reform Designed to Ease Work

For over a year, the Ministry of Education has been discussing with educators the matter of curriculum reform. Some teachers have raised concerns of their own on the topic, such as the timeliness in delivery of the revised kits and how that could affect students. Today, Minister Fonseca said he hasn’t heard of those concerns and pointed out that the whole idea behind curriculum reform is to make the work easier, but more effective.


Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education

“I really have not heard that complaint at the Ministry of Education. I know there are always challenges with any new – the implementation of any new, initiative, and the curriculum reform is a big issue, a big initiative. So there are some challenges as we go along, but for the most part, I think teachers have embraced it and they recognize that the ministry is working very closely along with them to make it even easier for them. The whole idea is to make their class preparation even easier and I think that goal is being achieved. Not to say we don’t have a few challenges, but I think generally it has been well received. And wherever there are difficulties, we sit and work with the managements and the schools to address them.”

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