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Man Dies After Drunk Driving Incident

Man Dies After Drunk Driving Incident

In what police believe to be a case of driving under the influence, a man is left dead after losing control of his vehicle in Orange Walk District. That is seventy-eight-year-old Catalino Hernandez, who was driving a motorcycle in Blue Creek Village when he crashed and later succumbed to his injuries. Here’s A.C.P Hilberto Romero, with those details.

A.C.P Hilberto Romero, Regional Commander, Eastern Division

 “On Friday, the thirty-first day of May 2024 in Orange Walk, police responded to a fatal toad traffic accident at Blue Creek Village, Orange Walk. Upon the arrival this, a damaged motorcycle and the saw lifeless body of a male person later identified as Catalino Hernandez. Investigation revealed that Catalina. Hernandez was consuming alcoholic beverage and was driving his motorcycle when he lost control. He was taken to the hospital in morgue and is now awaiting a post mortem examination.“


“Is it that he lost control of the vehicle, or?”

Hilberto Romero

“Yes, he lost control of the motorcycle and crashed and crashed.”

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